You can track your order by logging into your account and looking under - My Orders

Use this link to login to your account

Once your order has been shipped from our store we send you a confirmation by email with tracking information. Clicking on the link in the email will direct you to the tracking page, which will display the latest information about your delivery.

We will send you an order confirmation when your order registers in our system. It could take some time for email to be sent after the transaction has been reviewed and approved by your payment provider.
Once your order has been packaged and sent from our store, you will receive a delivery confirmation that shows your order. If you are unsure that your order has been placed, there are different ways to check this: 

- An order confirmation must be sent to your specified email address. Make sure that this email has not ended up in your spam.

- You can see your order in the 'My Orders' tab under 'My Account'

You can also see this page by clicking here you will be redirected to your account where you will have to log in with the email and password that you used to make your order.

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible. It is best to call, in case our email queues are longer than expected, to see if we can cancel your order. In order to keep our fast delivery times, your order will be processed as soon as it has entered our system. We cannot cancel your order after it has been dispatched for delivery.

In this case you can just recieve delivery of products and then request a refund of the products. If the products are in their original condition we will refund your products at no additional cost.

It is not possible to add or remove items in an existing order. However, you can make another order and we will correct the delivery cost afterwards.
Contact our customer service and we will confirm when or if the change has been made.

Sometimes you may face a problem paying during checkout in this case please check that the information you have provided is correct and that your payment method is supported and the correct payment method has been selected. If you're still having problems please contact us.

You can contact us by email or phone and we will try to place your order for you. This is subject to staff and stock availability.

You can only return products within 3 days of delivery in their original packaging, unopened and undamaged. 

To process a return contact us by email at info@toysntoysbabyshop.com and we will assist you.

To request a business order email us and we will assist you.


Yes, you can select the pickup option during checkout and we'll pack your items and keep them on standby at the store for you to come pick up anytime between 11am to 9pm Mondays through Sunday 

For directions to the store click here

It depends on how far you are from our store. Orders processed will take 1-3 hours to arrive.

If there is a delay due to unforseen and unexpected circumstance we will inform you through all methods of contact information provided by you during checkout.

We have partnered with the Dunzo to provide instant delivery in Bangalore. You can see details of their company by visiting their site. 

Click here to visit the Dunzo site.

We offer instant delivery if your order is placed between 10:30am to 9:00pm. You can pickup your order until 9pm. If your order was placed in non operational hours your order will be sent the next day.

The pricing for delivery is Rs.20 for the first 2 kms and Rs.15 for every subsequent kilometre up to 8 kms and after 8 kms it is Rs 20 for every additional kilometre

And of course, you can always contact our customer service for further questions.

If you dont recieve your order but you get an email confirming the delivery, please contact our customer service so we can resolve the issue for you. Please note that a missing parcel claim must be reported to us immediately.

You as a customer are responsible for unpacking and checking that the products in your package are error free within 3 days of receiving them. 

If the package has been damaged during delivery, you must report the damage directly to your Delivery Representative when you pick up your package or to the Delivery Executive that delivers your package. Submit your error within 3 days to our customer service and we will assist you.

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